Healthy living, living well, wellness. Increasingly, they are all phrases we hear a lot about (and rightly so) but what do they actually mean and how do we achieve it?


These phrases mean different things to different people but to us, they mean us all taking responsibility for our own wellbeing and making sure we do the best that we can by ourselves and those we love.  Does this mean we won’t get ill or we are to blame if we do? No, absolutely not.  But what it does mean is that we all need to take some responsibility for our lifestyles and do the best we can.  This means moving our bodies regularly, being conscious of what we put in our bodies and not living our lives in a way that encourages stress.

But what does that mean to us?  Some people come to us as they have a problem and are looking for a solution.  Some are fed up of taking medical drugs and want an alternative, some want to take them in collaboration with prescribed medicine.  Some people that come to us are well but want to live well for longer and believe that natural supplements can help them.  Everyone is different, and everyone has their own story.  But we say the same thing to each and every one of our customers, you need to take supplements correctly and you need to see them as part of your overall wellness approach to life.

Healthy living is an important part of any natural supplement routine.  For example, taking a fantastic immune support product such as Eden Extract will not deliver the potential benefits if you are burning the candle at both ends and eating a diet of heavily processed food.  Similarly, taking a relaxing supplement and expecting it to work whilst running around maintaining your busy life won’t work either.

This broader approach to life is something we would like to explore with you over the coming months, so we have created our ‘live well now’ campaign #livewellnow in which we will share our hints and tips via our social media platforms over the next few months.  So come and join us at on Instagram at oliveleafgb or on facebook at oliveleaf and lets live well now together.