Everybody is talking about “Cannabis” and CBD oil plus magazines are full of various articles saying how the anti-inflammatory benefits may help with topical complaints like psoriasis, eczema and even pain relief.

The skin has receptors for cannabinoids (the biologically active chemical found in the hemp plant) and dermatologists recognise that this has effects on anti-aging, skin calming and blemishes.

Hempanol skin cream is a potent formula from one of the world’s leading authorities on natural remedies and it combines the powers of raw organic Co2 extracted Hemp plus wild oregano oil fortified with the rejuvenating powers of Propolis, Royal Jelly, Lavander, oil of Myrtle, Wild Nettle and Essence of Canadian Balsam.

Ideal for all skin types, is soothing and leaves the skin soft and silky, so when looking for a little help from mother nature look no further than this 100% all natural chemical free cream, you only need a tiny amount at a time from the handy squeezable bottle.

£46.95 to order visit www.atomicpunk.co.uk or call 01664-485001