Feeling tired and overweight?


Metabolic rate is, of course key to whether people put on weight at the drop of a hat or stay annoyingly skinny no matter what.  Metabolic rate is regulated by the thyroid, which in fact controls the metabolism of every cell and organ, so it’s critical for everyone to maintain super thyroid function, something which declines with age, stress and chemical exposure. Many naturopaths know that it’s possible to boost thyroid function naturally by feeding it the crucial elements it needs: the amino acid L. Tyrosine and nutrient-rich kelp.   Kelp is seaweed and it’s important that any kelp source is free of the metal and petroleum contaminants found in many of our seas.  That’s why we recommend Thyroset, not only because its kelp is harvested from Alaska, but also because it’s formulated with L. Tyrosine, to make it a real thyroid superfood.  It’s a supplement you can almost FEEL giving you extra energy